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UVX 2008
UVX 2008 - 9e Colloque sur les Sources Cohérentes et Incohérentes UV, VUV et X ; Applications et Développements Récents
Page(s) 127 - 132
Publié en ligne 7 juillet 2009
UVX 2008 (2009) 127-132
DOI: 10.1051/uvx/2009020

Optical and photonic material hardness for energetic environments

G. Origlio1, 2, S. Girard3, R. Boscaino2, A. Boukenter1, M. Cannas2 and Y. Ouerdane1

1  Laboratoire H. Curien, UMR CNRS 5516, Université Jean Monnet, 18 rue du Pr. Benoît Lauras 42000, Saint-Etienne, France
2  Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche ed Astronomiche, 90123 Palermo, Italy
3  CEA, DAM, DIF, 91297 Arpajon, France

Published online: 7 July 2009

We studied the effects of dielectric change in the chemical composition and in the realization procedures under radiation exposure. We have compared the radiation effects on Ge-doped and F-doped fibers and preforms: the first play a crucial role in the photosensitivity property, the second improves the dielectric radiation hardness even at low concentrations. The use of different spectroscopic techniques (RIA, OA, EPR) allow the identification of the point defect formation mechanisms at the origin of the optical degradation properties.

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